On 23.10.2020 CRETA was founded as an association (“Verein” according to German law). This is a recognition of the fact that CRETA activities are no longer limited to Stuttgart. The existing network of scientists, who are connected in a multitude of joint activities, will thus get a long-term institutional roof, which is not bound to any specific location.

The activities of the association include joint publications, workshops and tutorials, coaching and annual workshops. Further planned activities will be announced and documented on this website.


Membership is open to natural and legal persons who work in the field of the association’s purpose and are committed to it. Interested parties should contact the board with the following information:

  • Justification
  • First name, last name, title
  • Affiliation
  • Link to personal website, Twitter account (optional)
  • Entry in public member list: yes/no

A click on this link opens a pre-filled e-mail for filling in.

Membership fees

Membership fees are determined by the annual general meeting. Currently the following regulation applies:

Group of personsContribution
Doctoral student, students0 €
Post-doctoral researcher10 €
Professors15 €
Other researchers5 €

Membership fees are collected exclusively by direct debit authorization.

Board of Directors

The management board is currently composed: Melanie Andresen, Evelyn Gius (2nd chairperson), Janina Jacke, Jonas Kuhn (CFO), Axel Pichler, Nils Reiter (1st chairperson), Gabriel Viehhauser. The board of directors can be reached via vorstand@cretaverein.de.


CRETA was established in 2015 at the University of Stuttgart as an eHumanities center. In two phases (01UG1601 and 01UG1901), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), we were able to establish a basic stock of methods and a network of scientists, which are now in the association.